Speaking Engagements

Jim Kurtz has spoken in the following venues:

Ipswich High School
Rowley Historical Society
Ipswich Library
Women’s Book Clubs
The American Legion Post of Ipswich, MA
Brooksby Village Assisted Living Facility, Peabody, MA
Gettysburg College Bookstore
Casper College Library, Casper, WY
The Explorers Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) of Salem State University
Nichols Village Assisted Living, Groveland, MA

Please contact the author to book a speaking engagement for your school, club, or organization.


What an emotional and educational presentation! Everybody in attendance was left with a new respect for our fighting men in WWII and realized what they sacrificed for our freedom. I admire you for pursuing the contents of The Green Box and what it held for your family and all Americans. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your findings with Explorers. It was certainly appreciated by all. –Rachel Smalley, The Explorers Lifelong Learning Institute of Salem State University.

Your power point presentation was amazing. The students were talking about it for days after and not only in just History classes. –Molly Smith, 10th Grade History Teacher, Ipswich High School