The Green Box

Follow the story of the baby slipper as it weaves its way through the chapters of The Green Box. Originally purchased in Casper, Wyoming, in the winter of 1944 to protect Bob and Peggy Kurtz’s baby son’s feet from the relentless cold, its purpose would assume an entirely different role.

A couple of days before shipping overseas, 2nd Lieutenant Robert R. Kurtz and his wife, Peggy, decided on a plan. She would keep one slipper and Bob would carry the other one to the war front in Europe. It would be a good luck charm, but also inspire Bob to return safely and place it back in┬áhis wife’s hands. The slippers would once again become a pair, as would Bob and Peggy.

Read how the slipper that 2nd Lieutenant Kurtz took with him into combat saved his life after he was shot down by German fighters over the Austrian Alps. Then follow its path as it accompanies Kurtz, first through solitary confinement, and then interrogation in Germany. It stays with him through several months of imprisonment in three different POW camps, and finally ┬ámakes its last trip on a victory ship to the States. Kurtz clutches it tightly as he sails past the Statue of Liberty, knowing in minutes that he would be in his wife’s arms and both slippers would be reunited.


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